Tree of Plenty (TOP) Co-Op Helping Professionals

Fortunate indeed are the favored few Professionals with full appointment calendars. Most find that at the end of the day, month, quarter or year they have not sold 100% of the services that they had the capacity to produce.

Time is a vanishing asset. If you’re billing rate is $150.00 per hour, $1,200.00 per day, that day is a potential asset of $1,200.00. But if not sold that day, that potential asset has vanished, never to come again. Even with the best of sales programs that will sometimes happen.

Is there anything you can do to prevent this potential asset from vanishing? Yes! We have Members ready to use your services and pay you TOP money. Remember, your fixed expenses remain almost the same, no matter if you are getting paid for that time or not. So, you will only have a small additional expense if you accept TOP money for your services.

How about an additional credit line? How about one that you never have to worry about paying back?

Do we have a magical program that will produce all that? No but it sure works like magic. You may be surprised to know that we have been creating and perfecting this incredible program which only requires a willingness on your part to open your mind to new ideas. Remember, minds are like parachutes, they do not work unless they’re open.

Why are Professional persons worldwide turning to TOP to convert some of their potential vanishing assets into real assets? TOP will always bring you additional Clients, never replacing existing cash Clients, which will enhance their quality of life (the only reason they are in business).

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