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We assume that everyone in the Media business knows they deal with a vanishing asset.

For instance, if you own a TV Station and you are selling your 30 second spots for $1,000.00 and you have an open slot at 1:00 PM that is a potential asset of $1,000.00. But at 1:01 PM that potential asset has vanished, never to come again. That is true for radio stations, etc.

If you publish a Magazine, Newspaper, etc. and you sell your full-page ads for $6,000 and you are just putting your February issue to bed, the $6,000.00 is a potential asset. But once you send the materials to the printer without that ad that potential asset of $6,000.00 has vanished, never to come again. That is true for any print advertising.

I could go on about all the different types of advertising, but I guess you get my point.

Is there anything you can do to prevent this potential asset from vanishing? Yes! We have Members ready to use your vanishing assets and pay you TOP$. Remember, your fixed expenses remain the same, no matter if you are getting paid for that time or not. So, you will only have a small additional expense if you accept TOP$ for your services.

Do we have a magical program, no but it sure works like magic to keep your potential assets from vanishing?

Why are Media people worldwide turning to TOP to convert their potential assets into real assets? TOP sales will always be additional sales, never replacing existing cash sales which will enhance their quality of life and to grow their business. We get you results, although not in the traditional method you've been used to. We pride our self on outside-the-box thinking.

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