The Tree with Local and International Branches

Using the power of the Co-Op to make everyone’s life better!

Rarely does any business operate at full capacity

Tree of Plenty Co-Op can help

Reclaim Sales and Perishable Excess Capacity

We Guarantee Increased Sales to Select Members

Marketing to New Customers the Easy Way

Clearwater FL Downtown Tree of Plenty “TOP” Co-Op

The Tree with Local and international Branches

If you think money doesn’t grow on trees, then you just don’t know this tree.

The Tree of Plenty Co-Op consists of many kinds of businesses both large and small, professionals, individuals, unemployed and under employed, school & college students, etc., all making their lives better as a Member of the Tree of Plenty Co-Op.

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We are proud to be a part of OrangeBee Money Global (OBMG)


The de facto Medium of Exchange (Money) for The Complementary Currency Systems, Barter Systems, Alternative Money Systems, Cooperatives, Etc.

Tree of Plenty Cooperative, Inc. (TOP), is administered by OrangeBee Money Global Inc “OBMG”.


Connect with the Tree of Plenty Cooperative community to grow your business.
Unsold inventory? Unused bookings? Excess capacity?
Most businesses are facing these challenges. Running a business is a juggling act of controlling expenses and inventory, keeping employees working and happy, all while generating the sales to make it possible. In many cases there is a shelf life to that opportunity in the form of unbilled hours, empty restaurant seats, empty hotel rooms, employees standing idle. Reclaiming perishable assets is one of the benefits of the cooperative. If you would like additional sales, read on.


Your business will be visible to both the Tree of Plenty Cooperative members and the Global affiliate members. When you make sales, your Tree of Plenty money is deposited into your account. You can then spend that money with any other member or affiliate.


Search for products and services available through the Tree of Plenty Marketplace. You will find many of the products and services that you are currently buying using cash, that you can purchase from other members of the Tree of Plenty Co-Op, thus saving your cash. If you don’t see what you want, list it on “Member Wants” and we will let you know when it comes available.

You may also quality for a line of credit, meaning that you can buy before you make sales.

We bring you sales for your deposits

Members of the Tree of Plenty Cooperative are ready to purchase your products / services just as soon as you become a Member. If that sounds like a bank bringing you the sales for your deposits, it should, because that is what we do.

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